Thank You Tour - Hawkes Bay

Please join ACT Leader, David Seymour and Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden for our Thank You Tour in Hawke's Bay.

When: 7pm, Monday 23 November 2020

Where: The Havelock North Club, 4 Campbell Street, Havelock North

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The Government just got re-elected for quarantining the world’s most isolated nation. ACT exists to address the real issues, and you just elected ten ACT MPs. Next campaign, we will need a bigger bus!

Please join us for this public meeting to talk about ‘What Happens Next’ as part of ACT’s Thank You Tour.

Meet some of our new ACT MPs and hear our plan for the next three years. ACT is also the party of listening - we want to hear your concerns and aspirations for the coming years.

We’re going to need that bigger bus because it’s time to build a real alternative to the same old same old. How do we raise productivity by returning respect to the rural and business communities? How do we make it possible for the next generation to build homes? When will we confront that the welfare state we all pay taxes for hasn’t worked?

Before any of that, we need a sane response to COVID that goes beyond Government-managed isolation and borrowing forever.

That’s our job as an opposition party. To address the real issues the Government doesn’t want anyone to talk about, and put forward real solutions. All the while we’ll be holding them accountable day-to-day.

We cannot do it without your support. The Thank You Tour thanks you for your support of ACT, because all New Zealand needs more of it.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Monday, 23 Nov, 2020


The Havelock North Club
4 Campbell St
Havelock North 4130
New Zealand
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