PETITION: Give overseas Kiwis the right to vote and come home

Kiwis stranded overseas deserve the right to vote and to come home.

Restore Democracy

New Zealanders are only able to vote if they’ve been home in the past three years. 

With local body elections in a few months, and the general election next year, we should restore democracy to all Kiwi citizens.

Although they may not have lived here for the past few years, this is their home, and they deserve the right to have a say on how it’s governed, especially if some parties are determined to keep them locked out.


Jacinda Ardern talks about the team of five million, but we’re a team of six million.

Many of the one million New Zealanders overseas are desperate to come home to see loved ones, or to do business.

They’ve suffered enormously from Labour locking them out. 

The most common-sense solution is to ditch MIQ altogether for fully vaccinated, negative-tested travellers. 

If it’s good enough for COVID-19 positive cases to isolate at home, it should be good enough for low-risk people who just want to come home.

David Seymour
ACT Party Leader

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