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    PETITION: Scrap the road tax on marine fuel

    Aucklanders currently pay 95c/L (incl. GST) when they fill up their boat with petrol. This money is contributed to the National Land Transport Fund to pay for road and rail projects.

    Other “off-road” users, including the commercial fishing, agriculture and construction sectors, are eligible for a refund, but recreational boaties miss out. ACT believes this is unfair and we would extend this rebate to all marine users.

    Fuel excise duty and the Auckland regional fuel tax are fuel taxes that raise revenue to help pay for transport expenditure. Excise duty is applied on fuel when it is either produced in or imported into New Zealand. Most of the revenue from fuel excise duty goes into the National Land Transport Fund, administered by NZTA.

    Most fuel of the sold in New Zealand is used in motor vehicles on public roads. However, some fuel is also used “off-road”. This includes fuel used in sectors such as construction and agriculture, or for activities like motor racing or boating. Fuel exercise duty is currently 83c/L (including GST), with Aucklanders paying a further 12c/L as a regional fuel tax, for a total of 95c of tax per litre of petrol.

    In most cases, people who use...

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