• Press Releases

    Collecting tariffs costing New Zealand

    “Collecting tariffs is costing Kiwis around $2.5 million a year, we should just embrace free trade and reap the benefits,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Trade spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

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  • Policies

    100 Days of Real Change

    There’s no point beating Labour just to babysit their policies, their bad ideas need to go, and voters deserve to know they’re going.

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  • People

    Brooke van Velden

    Hon Brooke van Velden is the Minister of Internal Affairs and for Workplace Relations and Safety. Brooke left the private sector to work behind the scenes in Parliament to help pass the End of Life Choice Act. Qualified in international trade and economics, Brooke has also been a factory worker and corporate affairs consultant. She was elected to Parliament as an ACT Party MP in 2020, returning as MP for Tāmaki in 2023.