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    Stats Minister doesn’t know if Warriors bribe is even working

    “The Government’s bribe of free Warriors tickets is costing taxpayers $150,000 but the Minister doesn’t know how many people have filled out their census as a result,” says ACT’s Statistics spokesperson Damien Smith.

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    No benefits for Census dodgers

    “If someone can’t be bothered to spend 10 minutes online completing the Census, they shouldn’t be eligible to receive government benefits. I predict this move will get census completion rates near to 100 per cent over night,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

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    Damien Smith

    Damien is originally from Northern Ireland and is an ex-banker, Corporate Structured Finance & Family Office Adviser & Independent Company Director. He has a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

    He has worked in Britain, Australia and New Zealand over the past 25 years and been a Director at Macquarie Capital.

    He has consulted to Vero/Suncorp, Amalgamated Holdings, Tower Insurance, Allied Security, QUBEdocs and ASX Listed Adherium.

    Damien believes in the principles of the ACT party where free markets, government fiscal prudence, freedom of thought, small government serving the people and property rights are at the centre of our democracy and vital to protect.

    Damien has a Daughter at King's College, Auckland. They share a love for Arts, Sport & New Zealand.