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    Scrapping Three Waters

    It is critical that New Zealanders have access to safe drinking water and high-quality infrastructure for storm and wastewater. The current system is not up to scratch, but the Government’s Three Waters reforms are not the answer. ACT’s plan will allow community control of water assets.

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  • People

    Mark Cameron

    Mark is the authentic voice of rural New Zealand.

    Mark is a dairy farmer from Ruawai, Northland. He's lived and farmed around the Northland region for 30-years. He has a partner, and three children.

    He’s seen the calamity of rural mental health and understands what MPI inspectors coming on to your land means in practical terms. No party in recent times has had a professional farmer who actually milks cows every morning enter Parliament. While his family manages the farm, Mark speaks for all those who do.