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    A Time for Truth | ACT's Alternative Budget

    Our country will face a real choice in five months’ time, between parties offering more of the same and one promising real change.

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    Labour's Cost of Living Crisis

    Labour’s wasteful spending and war on business have pushed up the price of everything. Prices have gone up 6.9%, and wages just 2.6%, so you can buy less with your money. Worse, new taxes mean working New Zealanders have even less money. The squeezed middle is getting poorer.

    Check out our campaign to Ease the Squeeze of the cost of living crisis at

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    ACT's common sense solutions to ease Labour’s cost of living crisis:

    1. Cut wasteful spending by $6.8b and keep a lid on government borrowing

    2. Simplify the tax system to two rates – 28 per cent and 17.5 per cent – meaning less tax on every earner

    3. Stop hitting businesses and productive people with new rules and taxes

    4. Rein in the Reserve Bank so it’s focused on prices and nothing else

    5. Drop all Covid-19 restrictions that no longer make sense.

    Read ACT's comprehensive cost of living plan here.

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    Reject Compulsory Unionism

    New Zealanders have voted against unions. 70 percent of workers once belonged to a union – now it’s just 20 percent. So Labour plans to force them on Kiwi workers whether they like it or not with “Fair Pay” Agreements.

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    Fair Pay Agreements are a relic of the 1970s which have been dusted off to help Labour’s union mates.

    Just 1 in 10 workers will be able to demand a “Fair Pay” Agreement. And even if an agreement is voted against twice, every worker and firm in that industry will still be forced to sign up to it.

    That’s totally undemocratic - it’s compulsory unionism. ACT will scrap them.

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    100 Days of Real Change

    There’s no point beating Labour just to babysit their policies, their bad ideas need to go, and voters deserve to know they’re going.

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    New Zealand's Cost of Living Crisis

    New Zealand is in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Rents are up, mortgage rates are on the rise, the cost of food is up, petrol is up - but wages aren't keeping up. The Government isn't listening and every day Kiwis are going backwards. In this document ACT puts forward practical ideas and solutions.

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    Real Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

    Covid-19 has hurt our small businesses. Through no fault of their own, they were forced to shut down. The crisis also showed how government puts small business to the back of the bus.

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    James McDowall

    James has owned a number of small businesses throughout his career, and currently co-owns an immigration law firm. Prior to entering Parliament, he worked for a large NGO in the mental health sector. He has a young, multicultural family and is based in the Waikato. At home, James’ family speak a mix of Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

    James is a classical liberal who is highly skeptical of Government intervention in both the economy and in people’s personal lives. His experience in business and the community sector has taught him that Government has a role but when it oversteps that role it becomes part of the problem rather than the solution.