Child Poverty Reduction

  • Press Releases

    Labour’s lucky dip childcare policy

    “Many lower earning families and sole parents miss out entirely under Labour’s lucky dip childcare policy, while those that it does apply to will find it doesn’t even cover inflation,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

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  • Policies

    Welfare: A Hand Up

    One in ten working-age New Zealanders are on a benefit. Prior to Covid, 71 percent of main benefit recipients had been on welfare continuously for more than a year. All the while, New Zealand businesses are crying out for more workers. We must ensure more beneficiaries return to work.

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  • People

    Karen Chhour

    Nearly every MP says they want to reform CYFPs/CYFs/Oranga Tamariki. Karen lived it and came to Parliament to make a better world for children. Her own story of overcoming adversity to have a loved family of her own and a successful business is the embodiment of ACT values. She changed her future.

    Karen has been self-employed in the New Zealand made clothing industry. She is a mother of four and has lived on Auckland's North Shore for the past 30-years.

    She strongly believes that, with the right tools, anyone in this country can make something of themselves. She believes that we have spent way too long trying to make a broken system work.