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    Real Solutions for Health

    Covid-19 has highlighted how important access to high-quality healthcare and mental healthcare is for leading long and healthy lives. However, the status quo isn’t acceptable. Our hospitals are run down and people are languishing on waiting lists. ACT has real, positive solutions to reform our healthcare system.

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    Toni Severin

    Toni resides in Christchurch East with her husband. Together they have run their own business which operates in Christchurch and Wellington. Before this, Toni was a Qualified Lab Technician at Christchurch District Health Board for 14-years.

    Toni is a licensed firearms owner, she understands the impact the gun law reforms have had on law-abiding citizens in New Zealand, which the Government implemented last year.

    She holds strong values of self-responsibility, less government interference, freedom of choice. She lived through the devastating Canterbury earthquakes as the community came together to rebuild businesses and homes.