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    PETITION: A Referendum on Co-Governance

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    New Zealand is being transformed into a country where your rights depend on who your ancestors were. Labour is treating people differently based on their ethnic group. The colour of your skin is now more important than the content of your character.

    What is co-governance?

    Co-governance means some representatives are democratically elected and others get a seat at the table because of who their ancestors were.

    There’s Been No Debate

    Co-governance is everywhere but nobody has ever asked whether we want it. People feel unable to criticise it for fear of being called racist. In a democracy, we the people should have the right to determine the future of our country.

    Our Proposal

    ACT proposes that the next government passes legislation that says all citizens have the same political rights, then ask the people to vote on it becoming law.

    ACT stands for equal rights. One person, one vote. We hope you join us.

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