Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Stealth PM undetectable to Aucklanders

“Jacinda Ardern’s secret visit to Auckland will leave her undetectable to 99.99 per cent Aucklanders,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Jacinda Ardern likes to be liked. She is used to being mobbed and taking selfies with her fans.

“But this time Ardern will not tell anyone where she is going.

“There will be no public walkabouts, only stage-managed private events to avoid protests.

“With Jacinda avoiding public places and spontaneous interactions with the public, she might as well be wearing an Invisibility Cloak to avoid the Muggles (aka taxpaying public) who are getting her down.

“The Prime Minister should visit those worst affected by the Auckland lockdown.

“If Jacinda really wants to understand Aucklanders’ situation, her visit needs to be real. She needs to walk the streets and meet real people, not just go to friendly stage-managed meet ups.

“Aucklanders are hurting after more than 80-days in lockdown. The Prime Minister has been stuck in the Beehive where her advisors’ salaries are paid by the taxpayer every fortnight without fail. They simply can’t relate to what Aucklanders are facing.

“She needs to get out and visit hospitality business owners who have been unable to open their doors and are up to their eyeballs in debt.

“She should talk to business owners whose revenues are often down 80 per cent, who are losing money every week, who are borrowing from relatives, running up against their mortgages, and holding out paying suppliers to stay afloat.

“She should visit hairdressers who are putting on a brave face behind the mask – who have people begging them to do illegal underground haircuts.

“This visit shouldn’t just be a photo op where the Prime Minister visits those she knows will give her a good reception. She needs to get out and see the impacts of her Government’s damaging policies.”