“When questioned in Parliament, Statistics Minister Deborah Russell said $150,000 has been allocated to dishing out Warriors tickets and $126,000 has been spent. She had no idea how many people have taken part.

“$150k of tickets and food vouchers amounts to about 6,000 tickets – 0.12 per cent of the population. This is not even in the realm of sensible and targeted spending.

“What Labour can’t comprehend is that there are ways to do things that don’t involve bribes and spending other peoples’ money. For example, ACT suggested that beneficiaries should have to fill out their census form for them to continue receiving their benefits.

“No gimmick is out of question according to the Minister, she wouldn’t rule out more promotions; “if that takes promotions and the like then that is what we would do to get the census completed.”

“Instead, Kiwis who’ve done the right thing and completed the Census are now watching people who couldn’t be bothered get free Warriors tickets. That sums up Labour’s values.”

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