Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Statement on Covid-19 community transmission

"Tonight’s news is not what anyone hoped for," says ACT Leader David Seymour.

"There will be time enough to ask why this has happened, but right now the goal is to get on top of it before there is loss of life or further loss of livelihoods.

"As with the last lockdown, we all need to do the right thing to beat the virus as quickly as possible.

"We also need the Government to play an effective, transparent and competent role. It must be 100 percent open and transparent about all of the data, the options and the decision-making process.

"We have to hope that the Government has made real progress in its preparedness to test and trace. We cannot afford for the initial three days to turn into a lockdown without end.

"As with the previous lockdown, ACT will aim to play a consistent and constructive role as an opposition party. We will offer constructive criticism where necessary and make helpful suggestions where possible. We will also make sure to ask the questions that need to be asked."