Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Skills shortage in Labour Cabinet

“A skills shortage in the Labour Cabinet has resulted in part-time Ministers making catastrophic mistakes,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We have a part time Health Minister who’s allowed Covid-19 to breach the border. He can’t give enough attention to this crucial role because he’s also the Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, State Services and Leader of the House.

“He’s only in the job because the last guy was too busy mountain biking and moving house to do his job properly.

"The MIQ Minister is MIA. She can’t give enough attention to the job because she’s still trying to clean up the mess Phil Twyford left behind in housing and run the Labour Party campaign. She's also in charge of two other portfolios. 

“I feel sorry for the Prime Minister. She’s the only one working full time but she has no one else to rely on.

“Her Tourism Minister is on holiday and there just isn’t any other talent in her cabinet.

“Where does the buck stop? We can’t afford to let Covid-19 back into our communities because of Labour’s incompetence.”