Sunday, 3 February 2019

Shchetkova petition tops Parliament website

A petition urging the Associate Minister of Immigration to intervene in the case of the Shchetkova family is now the most-signed petition on the Parliament website after gathering more than 9,100 signatures in just one weekend.

“New Zealanders are rallying behind the Shchetkovas because they can sense the deep injustice of their situation”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“After making this country their home six years ago, they’ve built a successful business employing 26 people, and are valued members of their community.

“Despite this, Immigration New Zealand has said the family doesn’t bring sufficient “benefit” to the country and has declined their residence application. They now face deportation.

“With other migrants of questionable character allowed to remain in the country, it seems common sense has gone out the window.

“New Zealand should be welcoming hardworking and entrepreneurial migrants with open arms.

“It is incumbent on the Associate Minister of Immigration to seek a briefing on this matter and appraise himself of the facts of the Shchetkova's case.”