Sunday, 20 September 2020

Seymour calls on Bishops to engage in honest debate

ACT Leader David Seymour says he respects the choice of Catholic Bishops who don’t like the End of Life Choice Act, but they must respect the choices of others.

“The Bishops also need to follow the ninth commandment and stop bearing false witness against their neighbours,” says Mr Seymour, responding to the Catholic Bishops’ dishonest campaign against the End of Life Choice Act.

“The Bishops allege there are ‘significant weaknesses and dangers in [the Act] which will fail to protect the most vulnerable.’

“They must know that the Act explicitly forbids anyone being eligible to choose assisted dying because of old age or disability.

“They need to understand the End of Life Choice Act is about choice. It is about dignity and respect.

“They may have a philosophical view that life belongs to God, and they have a right to their belief. They don’t have the right to force it on others.

“If the Bishops want their freedoms respected, they need to engage in honest debate that respects others have difference choices from theirs.”