Rural New Zealand


ACT knows that rural and regional New Zealand are where our wealth is created. We will make National take rural issues seriously and address the problems they’ve ignored for far too long.

ACT has supported the National-led government since 2008, because the opposition is too great a risk. Labour, Green and New Zealand First policies will harm rural businesses.



Opposed the most recent reform of the Resource Management Act, and put up our own changes that would have recognised private property rights and removed iwi participation agreements.

Opposed the scapegoating of irrigation and dairying.

Pushed for less regulations and rules and committed to lowering the cost of complying with regulation.

Been the strongest supporter of trade in Parliament.

Proposed personal and company tax cuts without a reduction in spending on core services.

See our Rural Policy Explainer here


  • Keep the government off your farms and out of your businesses.
  • Reform the Resource Management Act. The RMA is one of the greatest obstacles to economic development in New Zealand. Even small-scale consents cost too much in fees, and take too long in processing and consultation.
  • Continue to oppose the scapegoating of irrigation and dairying to score votes. This tactic, employed by Greenpeace and the Green Party, ignores the economic and environmental benefits of irrigation. Their solutions are simplistic and aimed more at punishing our primary industries than encouraging sustainable use of resources.
  • Reform water use rights, moving away from fixed limits and first-in-first-served arrangements, to a more economically efficient market-based system of pricing tradeable water use rights.
  • Get the government out of the way. There are too many legislative barriers in front of businesses at every stage: production, processing, marketing and distribution. ACT is committed to lowering the cost of complying with regulations.
  • Continue to oppose proposed changes to the firearm registration process as they are expensive and unenforceable. ACT is also against giving Police new powers to enter the property of firearm license holders, and the plan to create blunt new categorisations of firearms.