“The Government’s decision to delay the release of the Royal Commission report into the Christchurch terror attacks is unacceptable”, says ACT’s Firearms Reform Spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“The report has been finished and will be delivered to the Government tomorrow.

The law requires that it be presented to Parliament as soon as practicable.

“Given no redactions are necessary, there’s no good reason why it can’t be released 24 or 48 hours after the Government receives it.

But Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti says the Government will not release the report immediately, refusing to give a date or a reason for the delay.

“The obvious explanation is that the Government needs time to work out its PR strategy. Delaying until at least Christmas so it can figure out what it will tell media is just not good enough.

“New Zealanders deserve to know as soon as possible how a foreign terrorist was able to obtain a license and firearms and carry out his attacks.

“After being targeted by the Government in the wake of 15 March, firearms owners in particular deserve to see the report.

“Instead of waiting for the findings of the Royal Commission before passing new gun laws, the Government scapegoated the firearms community and rushed reforms through without consultation.

“Firearms reform must now start again based on the findings of the Royal Commission.

“That begins with the most open and transparent government telling us how 15 March happened.”