“The Government’s resurgence payment announcement will barely touch the sides for most businesses and more needs to be done,” says ACT’s Small Business spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“ACT is calling for the Resurgence Payments to be weekly under Level 4, Level 3 and for hospitality under Level 2.

“This morning I have taken part in an unofficial Epidemic Response Committee run, by the ACT Party, focussing on the impacts on the hospitality industry.

“The stories are devasting. Business owners are taking a hammering, they’re doing all they can to keep paying their staff but are taking a massive hit themselves.

“One business owner told us that he’s amassed $200,000 in debt in the past few weeks. Others talked of the personal toll this has taken on them and the stress of being unable to pay their bills or get a full night’s sleep.

“The Government just doesn’t seem to understand the pressure these businesses are under through absolutely no fault of their own.

“What the Government has announced today is a start – but it won’t be nearly enough for most businesses who still have outgoing costs like rent, rates and insurance.

"There is much further to go if the Government wants to save livelihoods.”