Second to people, New Zealand’s most precious resources are land and the natural environment. Often the most important issues in New Zealand politics are the regulations of land and resources. Unfortunately,New Zealand’s regulatory infrastructure is even less fit-for-purpose than our actual infrastructure.

Our approaches to regulating land and water use, funding infrastructure growth, and conserving native flora and fauna are outdated and ineffective. They are not only  failing to protect the environment, but they are also extremely costly to the economy. This is a worst of all worlds situation. Labour’s approach has been to double-down on the mistakes of the past. Their reforms of the RMA are based on the same principles, even using the same architect, as the original RMA.

ACT’s solution for New Zealand’s building New Zealand and conserving nature is one where New Zealanders are free to make the best possible use of their property and our shared environment to live their best lives. This policy paper lays out our alternatives to the Government’s Natural and Built Environment Bill and all of the accompanying legislation. We have also included our proposals for the related policy areas of infrastructure and transport.