Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Radical Green-Labour government puts recovery at risk

“A radical Green-Labour government would put our economic recovery at risk,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter today reiterated that a wealth tax would be a bottom line in a future left-wing government.

“Grant Robertson has said Labour will introduce no new taxes, but that will provide little comfort for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers

“We heard the same claim in September 2017 from Jacinda Ardern.

“Then we got a regional fuel tax, higher taxes on petrol, waste, alcohol and tobacco, increased RUCs, a 5-year bright line test, ringfenced rental losses, a tourist tax, and much more.

“New Zealanders will be concerned that, if a wealth tax is the price of a second term for Labour, it will capitulate and put our economic recovery at risk.

“Only a strong ACT can hold them all accountable.

“ACT is the only party with a clear, credible plan to get spending under control, begin repaying the debt, and have a faster recovery with lower taxes.

“Every other party is in a spending race with your money.

“But ACT’s Alternative Budget and Debt Destroyer show how we can reduce wasteful spending to balance the budget, while also reducing taxes to stimulate the economy.”