“ACT gave single-tissue voters something to support in election 2023. We’re returning the favour by ensuring the end of the ineffective ban on effective cold and flu medicines,” says ACT’s Health spokesperson Todd Stephenson.

“Pseudoephedrine was banned because of fears it would be used for P production and following assurances there would be alternatives. Instead, the evidence shows that gangs have continued to produce P, and people who make and sell P have found faster and cheaper ways of doing it while people miss out on effective cold and flu medication.

“For the last decade or so we’ve all been denied some decent cold and flu medication, but the gangs are selling more P than ever. It’s time to recognise the gangs have other ways of getting P and fight them where they are, rather than denying New Zealanders effective cough and flu medicine, it is time we got access to some decent medicine when we’re sick again.

“ACT’s coalition agreement secures a commitment to allow the sale of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

“This isn’t the biggest issue facing New Zealanders, but it is an example of the avalanche of unnecessary regulations and red tape hindering productivity that is the biggest issue.

“You don’t have to keep rules just because they exist, one of the biggest problems New Zealand has is decades of regulations piling up even if they’re not providing any benefit. If a law doesn’t make sense it shouldn’t stay there for eternity. Without ACT questioning the status quo and striving for things to be better, there won’t be any real change.”

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