“The public health advice to Jacinda Ardern that we no longer need the Auckland border proves the controversial Northland roadblocks are not needed,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“There are not enough cops in Auckland city. There have been ram-raids, robberies, burglaries and muggings because crims know that Police are busy on the border.

“The Police Association, the organisation that looks after the welfare of Police, say the Northland roadblocks are a waste of time and resources.

“Ashley Bloomfield has given advice that the borders are no longer needed.

“Yesterday in Parliament I asked Jacinda Ardern who initiated the Northland roadblocks, was it the Police or Hone Harawira and his mates? She assured me that it was a Police decision.

“Now that the Director General of Health says there is no public health reason and the Police Association say they’re a bad idea, Police should scrap them. 

“The public don’t want these roadblocks, health officials don’t want these roadblocks and the Police Association don’t want these roadblocks.

“It's time to let Kiwis get on with summer and put 300 Police back on the beat where they belong.”