“Both major parties need to work together to reassure the public that our institutions are secure in the wake of Budget 2019 leaks,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The state holds vast amounts of sensitive personal information, from Inland Revenue and Social Development, to Police and Health.

“New Zealanders must be able to have confidence that the private information they provide to government agencies is secure. In light of recent events, many people will be concerned that such information could end up in the wrong hands.

“The early revelation of Budget details has now become a political game and makes a mockery of the trust New Zealanders have in their public institutions.

“National should tell us what it knows so the public can be assured their data is safe. Both sides need to stop trading personal attacks and work together to reassure the public in order that we can move forward and debate the issues that really matter.

“This is particularly important given the possibility that our institutions are under attack from a foreign actor. Labour and National often vote together in Parliament anyway – they should be united at a time such as this.”