“Just when you think KiwiBuild can’t get any worse, Housing Minister Megan Woods has confirmed to Parliament that not a single KiwiBuild house was built in June,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden.


“When zero houses were delivered in January, Megan Woods said“I note that January is always the quietest month in the building sector.” It seems she was wrong. The only way it could be quieter in June was if KiwiBuildhouses went backwards.


“Thankfully for the Government ACT has a housing solution.My Member’s Bill was drawn from the Ballot today. KiwiBuild’s June figures should have Woods re-evaluating her housing policies and now a solution is right in front of her.


“My Bill would create a GST-sharing scheme estimated to deliver $1 billion every year to support local development enabling infrastructure, but councils that consent more, get more.


“Instead of forcing councils to come begging for special funds from the Government, it would provide an enduring and predictable solution for infrastructure funding.


“The only time you get prompt service from a council is when they’re issuing a parking ticket. They’ll come to you, anywhere, anytime,because there’s money in it. Imagine how many consents they’d issue if there was money in it for them?


“Currently, local councils face poor incentives to build.Every new development involves costs to existing ratepayers to provide newroads, water, and sewerage connections. These costs act as a disincentive for councils to approve new houses and subdivisions.


“With councils shouldering the cost for new infrastructure to support housing, it’s no wonder they slow down development.


“ACT believes in better, longer-lasting solutions. As a country we deserve better when it comes to housing to ensure we can live our best and most fulfilling lives and my policy will deliver more than zero houses a month.”

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