“New Zealand isn’t pulling its weight to support Ukraine in its fight against Putin’s oppression, with data showing we’re ranked only 37th out of the 39 developed countries who have pledged support to Ukraine,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Data from the Ukraine Support Tracker developed by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy shows that only Bulgaria and South Korea have been less generous in pledges of aid as a proportion of GDP.

“The amount of support being offered to Ukrainian refugees is disgraceful. Australia has taken in more than 4,400 with 8,500 visas granted, UK 125,900, Canada 91,000 and 190,000 visas pending, and Ireland a staggering 50,000. As of July, New Zealand had taken in 227.

“ACT believes New Zealand needs to be doing more for Ukraine in their time of need.

“ACT has led the debate on supporting Ukraine, having launched a petition to give sanctuary to Ukrainian-Kiwi families, raised $38,000 for Zelensky’s fund at our own private fundraiser, and calling on the Government to send unused NZDF Javelin Missiles.

“We are holding another fundraiser in two weeks, where we will be raising money by selling parts of downed Russian fighter jets.

“Speaking at the fundraiser will be New Zealander Owen Ponama, who has been risking his life while keeping Ukrainians safe in the war-stricken nation. We also hope to hear from Ukrainian MP Maryan Zablotsky, although this is subject to change due to the state of crisis his country is in.

“Attendees will have the ability to purchase a luggage tag made out of the authenticated fuselage of downed Russian fighter planes, and there will also be an auction to ‘buy’ hardware such as drones, radios, and rifle sights for Ukrainian defenders.

“Being on the other side of the world doesn’t mean we can’t, or shouldn’t, contribute. ACT stands with Ukraine and the Kiwi-Ukrainian community against the evil of Putin’s war, and all evil like it.”

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