“Jacinda Ardern’s comments to media today that she might once again chop and change the traffic light settings are completely illogical, it’s time she gave up her vice like grip on our lives and dropped the Covid rules,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The constant changing of the rules is tiresome. People have stopped paying attention to what the requirements are and worst of all – they don’t make sense. We should drop them all together.

“The masking rules are now illogical and ineffective. If people want to wear masks they can, but government shouldn’t be forcing people. The rest of the world has moved on and we need to as well.

“There are very few, if any, other airlines in the world that are required by government to require masks. Schools should be able to make their own rules.

“The vaccine mandates don’t make sense. Workforce shortages are having a huge detrimental impact across the health sector and vaccination mandates, alongside unworkable isolation requirements, are major reasons for this.

“ACT thinks it should be up to organisations to make policies as they see fit, including the ability to have regular rapid antigen tests as an alternative to vaccination, which give greater reassurance that a health worker does not have COVID-19 than their vaccination status.

“The requirement to test to enter New Zealand makes no sense. People arriving here are no more likely to have Covid than someone in New Zealand, in fact, often our rates are higher than the rest of the world. All we’re doing is putting off people from coming here.

“Instead of tinkering with traffic light settings and changing the rules, let’s just dump them. The Prime Minister should ask if the rules are adding value, realise they’re not and move on.”

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