“ACT is calling on the Government to use common sense and scrap the burdensome Traveller Declaration form,” says ACT’s Immigration spokesperson Dr James McDowall.

“This form is another example of COVID regulations that have passed their use-by date, but the Government can’t bear to part with them.

“It can take up to 40 minutes to fill out and exists to get travellers to disclose COVID-related information. However, we no longer require a pre-departure test to enter New Zealand, and Kiwis can enter without a vaccination pass as well.

“There is no point to it anymore, it’s just another reason why people are put off coming here.

“Earlier this week net migration figures showed 11,500 more people leaving New Zealand than coming in. It’s annoying regulations like this that add to our reputation as an over-cautious hermit kingdom.

“ACT says Immigration New Zealand needs to start thinking like a recruitment agency rather than a security guard.

“We want New Zealand to be a welcoming place with easy to navigate and common-sense protocols. That way we can get people flowing the right way through our borders again and grow our economy.”

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