“It’s little wonder Kiwis are finding their roads are falling apart. The Government has reduced the amount of structural asphalt resurfacings by more than half while greatly increasing the amount of thin asphalt coverings,” says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“Written Parliamentary Questions answered by Transport Minister Michael Wood show that since 2018, structural asphalt resurfacings have decreased from 18.12km to 7.21km. In the same time period thin flexible asphalt resurfacings have increased from 102.4km to 187.4km.

“The Government is doing more road resurfacing jobs that aren’t built to last. Structural resurfacings are more expensive to implement but last longer and have lower repair costs, thin flexible asphalt resurfacings require maintenance or restoration every more often and damage more easily.

“ACT has previously revealed that by October 2022 there had been 555 complaints to NZTA about damage to vehicles because of the state of New Zealand’s roads, but NZTA has only compensated four people.

“The state of New Zealand’s roads has deteriorated dramatically, the Government seems to think that fixing damaged roads properly is a low priority and is instead slowing everyone down. The distance of Wellington to Mexico has been under review for speed limit reductions in the past few years.

“ACT supports moves to lower the road toll – but that comes from better roading infrastructure, not slowing people down and putting further restrictions on businesses who have quite frankly put up with enough under this Government.

“Increasing the level of private sector funding will inject much-needed discipline into decision-making and target spending in the right places.

“It’s time the government started focussing on things that will get us moving, increase productivity and make life easier for all New Zealanders.

“ACT knows that Kiwis have places to be and things to do, and that they need safe and well-maintained roads.”

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