“It has now been revealed that Stuart Nash is a recidivist offender when it comes to breaching the Cabinet Manual, Chris Hipkins has no choice but to sack him entirely,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Newstalk ZB has revealed that this isn’t the first time Nash has been in breach of the Cabinet Manual. In 2020 he made public comments in an interview with Mike Hosking about another police case that led to a complain to Crown Law. Crown Law investigated and encouraged Attorney General David Parker to censure him for his conduct.

“This shows a pattern of bad behaviour. Nash has been unrepentant for his breach, even after being pulled up for doing the same thing in the past.

“Chris Hipkins has shown how low his standards are. It was bad enough that he wouldn’t sack him yesterday, now that it is known Nash is a repeat offender it is unforgivable.

“The Cabinet Manual is the authoritative guide to what they can and can’t do as a Minister of the Crown. If Ministers can’t be bothered reading it, or even worse choose to ignore it, then they’re not competent enough or don’t have the integrity to be a Minister.

“The Prime Minister cannot have confidence in him after this. He needs to go from all of his portfolios.”

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