“The Prime Minister has a big problem with culture in her party and it’s time she confronts it, instead of sweeping it under the carpet,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Whether it’s Stuart Nash calling Nicole McKee a “nutter”, Kelvin Davis racially attacking Karen Chhour or Willie Jackson calling me a “useless Māori.” Her Climate Minister, James Shaw, said that Groundswell are just “Pakeha Farmers.” So it goes on.

“Her Ministers throw insults, double down on them and then only apologise if there’s a public backlash.

“It’s one thing to attack opposition MPs- but it’s another when innocent members of the public get caught up.

“The thing about culture is that it starts at the top, and the fish rots from its head.

“The Prime Minister preaches that we must “be kind” but she was the one who vilified a KFC worker during Covid who had done nothing wrong.  She stood by while two women were labelled prostitutes and claimed they’d broken Covid rules when she knew her Government had approved their travel all along.

“The buck stops with the Prime Minister. It’s time she showed some leadership. She needs to start admitting when she has made mistakes and make examples of her Ministers who bully other.”

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