“Green Party Deputy Leader Marama Davidson has appeared on Newshub Nation’s ‘The Pitch’ this morning pleading for the Green Party to have more sway over climate policy, does she realise her co-leader has been the Climate Change Minister for over five years?” Asks ACT’s Climate Change spokesperson Simon Court.

“Davidson attempted to rewrite history by claiming the party “has continued to show we get stuff done” while simultaneously bemoaning the lack of progress on climate change that has occurred while they’ve been in charge.

“In Davidson’s defence, her co-leader James Shaw also seems to forget he is the Minister from time to time, passionately protesting against himself by joining climate change marches.

“The Green’s approach to governing is laughable. They have been completely ineffective but try to point the finger at everyone but themselves. Their policies are built around been seen to do something but achieve nothing other than wasting taxpayers’ money.

“The Zero Carbon Act is the shining example of this. It is nothing more than a costly excuse for more bureaucracy with no impact on emissions and ACT was the only party brave enough to vote against it.

"ACT proposes a realistic, no-nonsense climate change policy that matches our efforts with our trading partners’ with minimal bureaucracy. We should set a cap on total emissions in line with the actual reductions of our trading partners, then allow New Zealanders to import high quality foreign carbon credits so we pay the world price, not an artificial price.

“New Zealand is in the midst of a cost of living crisis and households are screaming out for more money in their back pocket. New Zealand needs to play its part when it comes to reducing emissions, but the Zero Carbon Act replicates the efforts of a capped Emissions Trading Scheme at enormous expense to taxpayers.

“The Greens are more concerned about the appearance of environmental progress than actual progress and voters are waking up that. ACT stands for real change in our climate policy, ensuring it is practical, effective, and not going to make life harder for New Zealanders."

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