“Labour is trying to solve problems that businesses are already solving by themselves, except Labour’s way means more red tape and lectures from government officials,” says ACT’s Infrastructure spokesperson Simon Court.

“The Government has today announced “mandatory energy performance rating requirements for buildings, and waste minimisation plans for construction and demolition projects”. This is a pointless announcement. We have a cost of living crisis and a housing crisis, people are already trying to build as efficiently as possible, they don't need this lecture or more compliance activity.

“Reducing energy use is a no brainer for developers, it means lower costs for owners and occupiers. With the cost of energy rising there is already an incentive to build infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

“Equally, when it comes to building waste there is no builder who would throw good materials away, that’s just throwing money in the bin. Builders and civil contractors already divert concrete and steel from demolition projects to recover and reuse, because it has value and avoids tipping fees.

“Off cuts from PVC water pipes are too valuable to throw away, so contractors save them up and they get recycled into new plumbing pipes.

“The industry doesn't need a lecture from well-meaning but clueless Minister on how to plan a job to reduce wastage, and what to do with the material coming off sites.

“They need less red tape and regulation and more ways to fund infrastructure, which can be found in ACT’s latest policy paper promoting solutions for building New Zealand and conserving nature.”

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