“ACT is proposing that Auckland Council organises a special inorganic waste collection day this week, to help the many Aucklanders who are suffering with debris and waste that they can’t dispose of themselves,” says MP for Epsom and ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Mayor Brown is an engineer who likes practical solutions. This is a practical step that he could take this week to help Aucklanders in need.

“ACT MPs have been out visiting Aucklanders affected by flooding to distribute hot meals and see how we can help. A common issue is that people have piles of debris and ruined goods that they’re supposed to take to the dump, but with no practical way to do so because their cars are damaged too.

“The council could be practically useful by organising extraordinary inorganic collections in badly affected areas. It would take a load of many people struggling with water damage, a load off their mind.

“An extraordinary inorganic collection would go a long way to easing some of the burden that is being felt by many people across Auckland right now.”

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