“Labour wasted $638,000 promoting its public transport policy to people who already used public transport,” says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“Written parliamentary questions answered by the Minister of Transport reveal that the advertising campaign was solely targeted at “current and previous users of public transport.”    

“Labour said it wanted more people to take public transport, why did it waste taxpayers’ money preaching to the choir?

“Any money spent advertising the policy should have been spent promoting it to people who don’t currently use public transport.  

“This is a classic case of un-targeted spending. As we’re seeing with the cost of living payment that is helicoptering payments all across the world, the Government has thrown together bad policies for all the wrong reasons and this is costing taxpayers.

“All this wasteful spending starts to add up. Kiwis can’t afford to keep paying for this incompetent policy-making.”

“Kiwis are going through a cost-of-living crisis and tightening their belts to get by. The Government should be doing the same, not spending taxpayers’ money on ill-thought-out ad campaigns.”

WPQs 25195 and 23008 found here.

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