Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Pre-departure testing could have prevented lockdown

“The Government’s decision to drop pre-departure testing from Sydney has likely cost the entire country weeks of lockdowns,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“The Government dropped the requirement for pre-departure testing for Kiwis coming home from New South Wales, while practically every other location on earth requires pre-departure testing and MIQ if you want to come to New Zealand.

“The Government said today that it was more risky for someone in Sydney to get a test and risk getting COVID than it was to have a test. 

“By that logic the Prime Minister is saying there’s more chance of catching COVID going to get a test, than a test catching COVID. 

“The Prime Minister was flailing in Question Time today and her story simply doesn’t add up. If pre-departure testing isn’t worth it, why does she insist on pre-departure testing and MIQ for practically every other country?

“Asked if she regretted the decision said it was “overly simplistic.” The truth is it was a simple step that could have prevented this lockdown. 

“We need to be doing everything we can for continuous improvement. That’s why the Government’s answers about saliva tests don’t add up. 

“When it contracted 20,000 a week back in May it was good news. Now it’s only rolling out 900 a week it’s just nice to have.

“Saliva testing frees up qualified medical staff and makes life much easier for people who are regularly tested. It will encourage more people to be tested. 

“It’s time the Government stops spinning and actually takes steps to keep New Zealanders safe.”