“The Police Association has continued the bullying and scapegoating of law-abiding gun owners started by the Prime Minister and Parliament”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

The cover of this month’s Police News magazine features an article attacking the gun lobby and is accompanied by divisive imagery. The publication is promoted as ‘The Voice of Police’.

“The Police Association has used an inflammatory and divisive image during a contentious gun law reform and ‘buyback’ process. It is outrageous. 

“We should expect better from the union. What happened to treating members of our community without fear or favour? How can Police expect to have a respectful relationship with firearm owners when its union treats them like this?

“Ultimately, the Prime Minister, her Government, and Parliament set the tone for this debate. 

“Jacinda Ardern, who promised to bring kindness back to politics, bears ultimate responsibility for creating an environment in which these kinds of attacks on law-abiding New Zealanders thrive. This is where her approach to gun reform has led.

“ACT believes we need to take a rational approach to gun law reform. We support sensible changes made through a democratic process which treats the gun community fairly and respectfully.

“In the meantime, the Police Association should pull its magazine and apologise to the gun community.”