Thursday, 17 June 2021

Police should be warning gangs, not the public

Police are warning Aucklanders about likely disruptions tomorrow caused by a gang funeral when it’s the gangs who should be on notice,” says ACT’s Justice spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“New Zealanders should be able to go about their daily lives without fear and intimidation from gang members.

“The Police have said “We are aware of previous incidents involving gang processions where dangerous driving behaviour has been exhibited by some of the riders, which has at times put those involved and the wider community at risk."

“Why on earth are law abiding members of the public being told to steer clear? How about arresting the gang members as soon as they break the law.

“The number of gang members on the National Gang List has exploded since Labour took office, with 2,663 more people on the list since December 2017. They’re recruiting faster than the Police.

“It’s time to turn the tables. The gangs are the ones who should be on notice… not everyday Kiwis going about their daily lives.”