ACT Leader David Seymour is calling on the Prime Minister to release details of her ministers' conflicts of interest.

“Jacinda Ardern has promised the most open and transparent government in New Zealand’s history.

“But more than 13 months into the Labour-NZ First administration we are none the wiser about whether its ministers are conflicted in relation to personal or pecuniary matters.

In 2012, the previous Government and the Chief Ombudsman agreed to an annual proactive release of information about the management of ministerial conflicts of interest in order to provide public assurance that they were being managed appropriately.

But despite ACT’s repeated requests for the information, the Government has refused to release it.

“Voters deserve to know that ministers are making decisions for the public, not for themselves.

“Information has come in dribs and drabs through the media and parliamentary questions, but New Zealanders need a full account of these matters.

“The opposition cannot property hold the Government to account without this information. The Prime Minister must release it immediately.”