“The Prime Minister must be clear with New Zealanders on the issue of testing for COVID-19”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“At the moment, Jacinda Ardern is sending mixed messages.

“This afternoon, in her speech on the Government’s emergency economic package, the PM said:

‘To medical practitioners: if you want to test, test. The capacity is there.’

“In question time, Ardern said that, although there are criteria in place for COVID-19 testing, GPs can break them and test anyone.

“On the other hand, she said that we only have the capacity to do 1,500 tests a day.

“There’s about 3,600 doctors in general practice. That means GPs can only do one test every two to three days.

“If we have limited testing capacity, the PM must say that, rather than giving the impression that doctors can test anyone they suspect of having COVID-19.”