“Jacinda Ardern has today told Parliament she knows that farmers and tradies have no alternative to using utes, but she’ll tax them anyway” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Last week Ardern questioned whether some people are using utes for ‘legitimate use.’ Even if they are by her definition of ‘legitimate,’ it doesn’t matter, she and Grant Robertson will tax them anyway.

“The Government looked at a carve out for tradies and farmers but today Ardern said it was all a bit difficult, so she didn’t bother.

“They’re taxing tradies to subsidise Teslas. The combination of feebate plus ETS charges means a double tax for Kiwis who need larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles.

“Ardern also made it very clear in Question Time she has no plan for the disposal of electric vehicle batteries. She couldn’t even come close to saying what the plan was.

“The truth is the car tax is bad public policy. It punishes farmers, tradies and large families and the policy should be dropped.

ACT has a petition to scrap the car tax, and we encourage Kiwis to sign up to stop the madness.”