Thursday, 29 April 2021

PHARMAC funding needs to be reviewed

“PHARMAC’s funding shortfall of $400 million proves the funding model needs to be reviewed,” says ACT Health spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“While the Government has announced a review of PHARMAC, it explicitly excludes funding considerations. It wasn’t part of the health reform package announced last week and shows how disingenuous this Government’s approach to pharmaceuticals really is.

“Information revealed tonight by Newshub that PHARMAC would need $400 million to fund pharmaceuticals shows we need a review.

“ACT was the first political party to call for a review of PHARMAC. It needs to be done properly. The Government can’t keep playing politics with people’s lives.

“Pharmaceuticals are developing rapidly, and have the potential to save the rest of the system big dollars. For example, funding Stelara could save multiple operations to remove Crohn’s suffers’ intestines. It makes no sense to consider healthcare funding and pharmaceutical funding separately.

“The Government may throw PHARMAC a bone in the budget, but these figures show the reason why funding should be part of the review. 

“ACT would implement a full review of Pharmac that includes funding. The Government needs to do the right thing and implement the full review.”