Monday, 20 July 2020

Peters will soon need migrant workers

“Winston Peters’ swansong promise to slash immigration would be worrying if it weren’t so tragic,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Peters himself will soon be retired and will require a care worker to help him get dressed and go for a walk. He’ll discover that such facilities can’t function without migrant workers.

“As a local electorate MP, I have helped care facilities deal with byzantine immigration laws to get people into the country and keep services going. This is the reality of business in New Zealand.

“Nowhere else in the world does an economy of five million people say, ‘you can’t hire anyone outside out the border.’ It would be like Victoria sealing itself off from the rest or Australia. NZ First’s policy is like permanent COVID-19 isolation for the labour market.

“The ongoing growth of New Zealand businesses depend on being able to get workers, from engineering to aged-care facilities.

“Nobody has to worry because NZ First never keeps a significant promise. They promised to slash immigration last time, and nothing happened.

“During coalition negotiations in 2017, Newshub listed every one of Peters’ bottom lines. He’s failed to achieve at least 20 of them.

“Winston Peters has been booted out of three electorates and three Cabinets.

“New Zealanders don’t trust him because he has broken promise after promise over his 40-year parliamentary career.

“Peters has had his day. Voters will show him the door for the final time later this year.”