“Winston Peters’ recycling of decades-old ideas shows he’s had his day”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

In a speech today, Peters said tax changes, including accelerated depreciation and special tax rates for rural businesses, would be bottom lines at this year’s election.

Peters has been promoting the exact same ideas since at least the 1999 election.

“Voters don’t buy Winston Peters’ so-called ‘bottom lines’ because he is the Deputy Prime Minister, and three other NZ First MPs sit around the Cabinet table.

“If he couldn’t secure these changes under Helen Clark’s government or in the current administration, why should voters believe he can now?

“Of course, NZ First is also promising to slash immigration, even though it has failed to make any significant changes to immigration policy in the last two years.

“It’s very difficult to campaign against the status quo when you control it.

“New Zealanders don’t trust Winston Peters because he has broken promise after promise over his 40-year parliamentary career.

“During coalition negotiations last year, Newshub listed every one of Mr Peters’ bottom lines. By my count, he’s failed to achieve at least 23 of them.

“Peters has had his day. ACT trusts that voters will show him the door for the final time later this year.”