“The ACT Party is pleased to see mandatory scanning being put in place by the Government but the onus shouldn’t be on businesses to enforce it,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Businesses have been through enough with multiple lockdowns, as well as a raft of other costs placed on them by Government – like another public holiday and a raise in the minimum wage.

“Now they have been commandeered as law enforcement for a new rule, under threat of penalties up to $1000, and possibly more once reviewed. 

“Has Government considered the Health and Safety risks if a staff member asks someone to scan and they become aggressive? Will business owners, as Persons Conducting a Business Undertaking, need a plan to meet their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act?

"Will businesses have to employ more staff to make sure people are scanning?

“The onus should be on individuals to follow the rules, and ultimately Government to enforce them, not businesses who are under enough pressure already.

“The Government should look at ways to incentivise people using the app, not recruit café workers, who are already in short supply, as unwilling law enforcement.”