“The pay cut announced today for Ministers and public sector chief executives, while well-intentioned, must be extended to all MPs”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“COVID-19 and the lockdown have taken a significant toll on our economy. Over 40 percent of workers are now receiving support from the Government’s wage subsidy. Businesses across the country are suffering from a sudden halt in revenue due to the lockdown. New Zealanders are doing it tough.

“All members of Parliament should have the opportunity to show leadership and solidarity with workers and businesses.

“The pay cut announced today must apply to all MPs, but it’s constitutionally inappropriate for the Prime Minister to cut the pay of those holding the Government accountable.

“That’s why it’s vital that Parliament itself passes my legislation, which will cut the salaries of all MPs by 20 percent, as soon as it resumes.

“I have drafted legislation and I’m in the process of consulting with other political parties.

“The bill will cut the salaries of every MP, from the Prime Minister down to an opposition backbencher, by 20 percent for six months.

“New Zealanders are making extraordinary sacrifices right now. It is only fair that all MPs show solidarity and make them too.”