ACT is pleased to announce the guest speaker for the Party's annual rally on 9 June in Auckland.

Paul Henry

This year we’re thrilled to be hearing from someone I don’t think we hear from nearly enough.

Veteran TV and radio presenter Paul Henry is a perfect storm of infectious wit, biting intelligence, and passion for the country.

Paul will be sharing his hope for this country even as 52,500 citizens left in the last year. He will also talk about the challenge of inevitable change and what he sees looming as the biggest disruption to our way of life yet."

Paul Henry says:

"Quite frankly I’m fed up with what I see as a pervasive vale of squabbling and dissatisfaction in New Zealand. Change is coming and it won't wait in the wings for us to sort our shit out, before it really challenges us.

"After years of mismanagement our country and its people are ill-equipped to hold on to our standard of living into the immediate future. We need Change Makers now, to inspire us and drive us forward.

"There are opportunities that a divided and pessimistic little country will not be able to take advantage of. Where’s our enthusiasm for the future? Where’s that pioneering spirit we were once so proud of, now largely swapped for whingeing? We need to be growing the pie together, rather than constantly measuring our slice. We need to get our acts together, now.”

ACT's 2024 rally, Change Makers, will take place at Auckland's Viaduct Events Centre at 12:30pm on 9 June. New Zealanders can buy tickets at

A video of Paul Henry speaking about Change Makers is available here.

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