Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Only ACT is offering holistic housing solutions

“National is putting the zoning cart before the infrastructure horse,” says ACT Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“Only ACT has offered smart ideas to solve the housing challenge, in particular the obstacle of funding infrastructure like roads and other services for new developments.

“At present local authorities don’t zone more land for development in part because they feel financially constrained in dealing with the associated infrastructure costs like roads and water services.

“There’s little point offering ideas about how to build more houses if you can’t drive to them.

“The same goes for intensifying development in existing urban areas if the waste water and sewerage is just going to overwhelm existing infrastructure and end up in the sea.

“Only ACT has proposed a clear solution in the form of the 30-year infrastructure partnerships between regional and central government.

“These would see local councils partner with their neighbours to form regional alliances which would enter into long-term contracts with central government to provide funding for their infrastructure priorities.

“The partnerships would devolve revenue and responsibility to regional governments and the private sector, while strengthening accountability and oversight from central government.

“There’s much more in ACT’s housing policy platform, Build like the Boomers, all of which offers real solutions to New Zealand’s house building woes.”