Monday, 25 February 2019

Officials to Twyford: rents will rise

Phil Twyford was told by officials that his rental changes will likely lead to higher rents and properties being withdrawn from the market, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

A regulatory impact statement prepared for the Healthy Homes Standards says: “It is likely that landlords will increase the rent they charge a tenant” and that “some rental properties may be removed from use in long term accommodation altogether.”

“It’s concerning that, in the middle of a housing crisis, the Housing Minister has decided to make it harder for those people who provide housing, says Mr Seymour.

“Phil Twyford is failing to help increase the supply of housing. KiwiBuild is crowding out private sector developments. There has been no action on removing Auckland’s Metropolitan Urban Limit which would allow the city to grow.

“Instead, the Government is pushing through changes that will reduce the supply of properties and increase housing costs even further.

“The cost of complying with these new rules have to fall somewhere. Either tenants will pay higher rents, taxpayers will pay more in rent subsidies, or properties will be withdrawn from the market completely. There’s no free lunch.”