“We are in the midst of one of the worst economic crises this country has ever seen and Shane Jones’ answer is to flush $45 million down the toilet,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Shane Jones has put aside $45 million dollars for a project on the East Coast that even the locals don’t want. NZ First is so desperate, it’s trying to give money to people who don’t even want it

“The marine transport facility is not supported by council, the local community or iwi.

“When the Gisborne Deputy Mayor called Jones a ‘knob’ I think he was being too kind.

“We have $180 billion worth of debt that has to be paid back. Every cent government spends needs to be spent wisely.

“New Zealand First has no respect for taxpayers, or future generations. NZ First, Labour and the Greens have borrowed $28,000 for each and every New Zealander. It’s the average credit card debt five times over.

“Poll results in Northland show that New Zealanders won’t accept bribery from NZ First.

“Infrastructure has become too politicised. Taxpayers deserve better. We should be funding infrastructure based on the economic need for it, not the votes to be gained.

“It’s time for some common sense. Let’s listen to the local community and scrap this stupid idea.”